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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Visiting beautiful Antalya

Turkey for me for many years was just Istanbul, then when one of my friend who just visited Turkey told me about a place called Antalya. It was then that i along with my friends decided to book our cheap flights to Antalya via Istanbul. We were so excited about the Antalya that we decided to head straight off without stopping over in Istanbul. Once we reached there, i could not tell you the beauty of this city was just out of this world and could not be described in words, the place was a photographer's paradise such was the beauty of this city. We arrived at the hotel, though were a bit jet legged but decided to venture off such was the excitement and we zipped off from our hotels.

For the starters we decided to take a boat trip and head towards the Kaleici’s harbor, which was absolutely stunning and the best way to start your tours. We discovered and swam in the pristine coves, Antalya’s coves and some amazing sea food at this location and the day was over even we realized. Such was the beauty of this place that we decide to come back the following day just to relive the paradise once again exploring the beach and admiring the Taurus mountain range in the background.

Our next destination was the old city of Kaleici, where we discover the Clock Tower and Hadrian’s Gate. The old city was all stone walled and one big puzzle. It is very easy to lose your ways but the humble natives are always there to help you with directions. For some lively nightlife one should visit between the months of October through May where you can enjoy the best of your nights at the Symphony or the Opera.

The best thing about Antalya apart from its stunning view is the food. Most of the restaurants serve the famous Turkish delicacies at some reasonable price. You must try the mezes, kilmalipide (Turkish pizza with chopped meat) and Ali Nazik, a dish made with marinated lamb. There are lot many budgeted and economical accommodations available for you which you can chooser and pick as per your needs and budget.

It was and still an experience that i cherish whenever i go through the pictures or the videos, it is the best place to book your cheap family holidays that you can book as quick getaway.

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